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Choose Again Nederland is gelieerd aan Choose Again Society, gevestigd in Canada en Costa Rica waar deze werkwijze in de afgelopen 20 jaar een grote vlucht heeft genomen. Diederik Wolsak, de founder, weet zich gesteund door een grote groep psychotherapeuten en psychiaters, waaronder dr. Gerry Jampolsky.
 Your Highest Potential — Total Accountability​
You are the author of your entire experience and that experience is the result of your choices. You make those choices based on a self image you made up when you were very young.
At Choose Again we help clients to become aware of the core beliefs that are running their lives, and then teach them to question their validity. When a client starts to see that their beliefs about themselves are not the absolute truth, they begin to experience steadily increasing  joy and a new sense of freedom. They begin to accept the empowering idea that they can experience anything they’d like to in the world, and that their mind is free to perceive events from a positive, constructive and joyful perspective.
​There is always more room for joy in life – no matter how ‘successful’ it appears on the surface. Choose Again has helped thousands to tap into that joy, and provides tools to sustain it.

​Choose Again provides a safe and accepting environment in which you will learn to reach your highest potential. ​Universal spiritual teachings serve to guide each client to a vibrant awareness of their true worth.

It is never too late to Choose Again — and to choose the extraordinary.
Program director: Diederik Wolsak, RPC, MPCP
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